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View MDB and ACCDB Files Without Access License

ACCDB MDB Explorer lets you view MDB and ACCDB files without requiring MS Access license. This app could be used for opening tables from several Access databases, with the table structure being described as column, relation and index. The interface is user-friendly and easy to work with. The tool offers quite a lot of features, including searching and sorting functions, robust filtering capabilities, readable attachment and calculated field, text and image viewer, Unicode data support and full screen mode. Not to mention, data can be exported in various formats, including TXT, CSV, XLSX and XLS.

ACCDB Explorer is a tool to view ACCDB and MDB files without an Access license.

ACCDB MDB Explorer is a tool designed to provide a quick and easy way to view ACCDB, MDB, ACCDE and MDE database files without an Access license. This application can be used to open tables from multiple access databases, having table structure described in term of column, index and relation.

It provides an user friendly interface and it is very easy to use. Download it now and enjoy. Other features include: powerful filtering capabilities, sorting and searching functions, readable attachment field from Access 2007, readable calculated field from Access 2010, image viewer and text viewer, full screen mode and unicode data support.

Using ACCDB MDB Explorer, you can effortlessly export data into the most popular formats including CSV, TXT, XML, XLS and XLSX. In addition, you can generate SQL file that is compatible with popular database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQlite and SQL Server.


  • Clear app and menu structure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effortless data exporting
  • Supports various databases


  • Some refining needed with bigger databases
  • No free version available
  • 64-bit processor mandatory
  • ACCDB file conversion isn’t seamless


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ACCDB MDB Explorer


ACCDB MDB Explorer 2 for Mac


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